All welcome, no strings attached.

The church is a diverse community in many ways, and Brunswick UC is no exception. We are rich and poor, old and young, Anglo and (increasingly) from other cultures. And our sexuality and gender identities are as diverse as our personality. Here at BUC you will meet lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer people, trans and gender expansive people as well as supportive allies- friends, and whoever you are, we hope you’ll feel right at home.

We are listed in the Affirming Church directories of the Uniting Network and of the international GALIP Foundation. Our church is open to all weddings and our minister has conducted ceremonies for same sex and transgender couples.

Brunswick Uniting Church embodies a queer and trans affirming theology and sees all people as loved and part of Christ’s family.

We know we have some way to go, if we’re to fully embody the barrier-breaking welcome that Jesus demonstrated in his day. For this welcome message to be honest, we also need to say that we welcome people who don’t agree with everything that the minister, worship leaders or church council might say. (Hey, we don’t all agree with each other!) You’ll hear radical love in our preaching and in prayer, and at times we’ll still fall short of living it as we should. But we’re learning, and trying, and growing together as the Body of Christ.

So welcome, with no strings attached.


Uniting Network Australia has an excellent set of information sheets for open & affirming congregations, and a host of other resources.

The UCA Assembly has information and resources about its 2018 decision to allow same-gender marriages.

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