Lent is a 6 week period of prayerful reflection and preparation for the celebration of Easter. 

Personal Reflection

You are invited to follow a reflection guide prepared by the Centre for Theology and Ministry. It contains daily thoughts, prayers and reflections, and a weekly “household activity”. Printed copies will be available on Sunday mornings, and digital copies can be downloaded here. 

Join a Group

There will be groups convened for 4 weeks during Lent in which you can come together to discuss your experiences and reflections with others. If you are interested in being part of such a group please put your name on the sign up sheet on Sunday morning or email Ian your availability (iferguson@icloud.com – please note whether you would prefer to meet in the daytime or evening and what days you are available). We hope to run both daytime and evening groups. 

Call to Prayer

At 1pm each day during Lent we invite you to join with other members of the congregation in a shared prayerful moment. Wherever you are – at home, at work or out and about – you are invited to pause, take a second, a minute, five minutes or even more to breathe, meditate, say a prayer or read a prayer such as the ones in the CTM Lenten Reflection guide. Set an alarm or alert or calendar notification each day for 1pm, and know that many others will be sharing that moment of Lenten mindfulness and prayer with you.