The Leaders’ Retreat, held in February, brought together the Church Council, the full Ministry Team, and more than a dozen other leaders from BUC. The report gives a snapshot or “flavour” of some of our sessions, and detailed notes from others – including 8 small-group workshops on specific topics that had been nominated by the group at the retreat.
Current and emerging plans
Shawn presented on a series of flipcharts some of the “branches” of the BUC tree that already have some combination of goals, challenges, ideas and agreed/underway plans. Everyone was invited to add comments to these sheets, correct errors etc. Some gave rise to further discussion at the retreat, others will continue developing without specific discussion at the retreat – but it’s important for us all to understand some of the major things that are already happening/planned.
Small group discussions
We met in small groups during two sessions of parallel discussions. People were free to move between discussion groups (and several did so) while a “host” facilitated discussion of the topic.
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