Sunday Morning Program

Here’s what we offer for children and youth on Sunday mornings, post-Covid. Church starts at 9:30am with everyone in the worship space (entry through the glass doors on Merri St).

There’s a ‘kids corner’ with some quieter activities, and of course the chance to sing and pray. Most youth / teens sit with their parent/s until after the Children’s Time segment.

At around 9:45am we offer a pretty fun, and hopefully engaging Children’s Time, usually with some laughs, props, teaching, a song, and some sense of the sacred. Mostly, those aged 0 to 12 come down for this bit.

Then we head out in to the Big Hall for two sessions from about 9:50 to 10:40am:

  • One for the Primary school aged children – Kinder to Grade 6. In Term 1, 2021, we are building Jerusalem in Jesus day through LEGO, then filming the LEGO mini-figs and retelling the key stories leading up to Easter.
  • And one for the Secondary school-aged youth – Year 7 to 9 or 10. This is more discussion-based, sometimes using video clips, drawing on the themes being explored in church that week, stories of Jesus’ life, and any big life issues: COVID, racism, global warming, hope, kindness, love.

At BUC, we love it that children and youth are actively involved in the life of our community. We also love exploring the big questions… pondering, wondering, imagining.

Interested? Contact Dave on 0417 310 128

All Age Worship

On the first Sunday of the month we have All Age Worship (AAW) and children and young people stay in the service to share Holy Communion. On these Sundays there are quiet art-making activities inside the church and children of all ages participate.

Activities after Worship

After worship we play table tennis, have fun with hulahoops, create pavement art with chalk, blow bubbles and make and fly paper planes.  Our wonderful green space is also great for kicking a ball around.  Lots of fun for everyone.


Nourish is an occasional series of early evening storytelling and Holy Communion services. Designed with younger children in mind it is nevertheless a wondering space for adults also.  We gather for toasties at 6pm, have fun playing games in the hall and take our shoes off to enter the worship space to listen and respond to a story and then celebrate Holy Communion around the table.


  • Culture of Safety – Brunswick Uniting Church is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of safety in our gatherings and activities for children, young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Pathways to the River