We do what the name suggests – we go Out and get About …… to all sorts of activities
The group is open to anyone of any age as long as you have flexible time between Monday and Friday during the day. It provides a space for socialising, enjoying interesting activities together and having a longer chat with people you may see in passing.

The way it works is this:

  • People in the group suggest ideas for activities and outings.
  • You can choose which activities you attend or not.
  • The group meets each month, usually in the third week of the month but on different days of the week. This means that if people have other commitment they might be able to attend sometimes.

So what have we done so far?

We have visited galleries, gardens, historic homesteads, gone bird watching, played table games, gone to the movies and then had lunch together in town, enjoyed lunch and coffee together.

The group has been an important social connection for people, including seniors and people newly retired. When you work part-time or stop working all the daily connections with colleagues cease so it’s good to make new friends through the Out and About group.

We try to use public transport whenever we can and car share if we need to travel by car.

Helen Rowe keeps this group humming along – thankyou. The activities are always advertised in the Olive Press.  Or contact Helen for more information.