The Brunswick Uniting Food Co-op began in 2000 to encourage the responsible use of the earth’s resources. The Co-op’s main aims are to reduce packaging and, where possible, purchase organic and Australian grown foods. We participate in this venture as a co-operative community.  Read our Mission Statement.

We purchase products in bulk (dry food staples and liquid cleaning products) and you bring along your empty containers to purchase your own household requirements.  The aim is to reduce unnecessary packaging of foods and tread lightly on the earth through thoughtful consideration of the impact of our actions as consumers.  Small positive changes by individuals and households contribute to our care for the Earth.

Following a Review and discernment process we have a renewed Vision with exciting plans going forward.  We are open for distribution on the third Saturday (9:45-11:45am) and Thursday (6-7pm) each month).  Do come along to find out more!

Further information about the Food Co-op and Membership from any member of the Committee or Maxine Loynd, 0418 173 785  or