The Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre is a community centre that offers a safe and welcoming space for people seeking asylum in Melbourne and provides a broad range of programs to meet the needs of the clients.

Brunswick UC provides the space, pays the utilities and has previously provided support for identified projects through fundraising activities. Projects have included infrastructure and social engagement programs.  We are currently working with Uniting to build an even stronger relationship as the Asylum Seeker Resource Project prepares to join us onsite.

However the relationship between the ASWC and BUC is about much more than this. We value the relationships that are formed with staff and clients. A staff member recently commented:

Offering welcome sounds really simple but it’s actually really intentional and complex and requires a great amount of thought and energy.  It’s actually quite rare and the fact that BUC has a commitment to using this space in this way is really cool.

Find out more about the Uniting Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre.