BUC Arts Mission Statement
BUC Arts aims to service the church in all areas: worship, faith, community and social action. This we do under the guidance of the Holy Spirit who leads us to transformation and healing. Our mission is to be welcome to all where we celebrate and allow space for the exploration of artistic desire. In all that we do we both affirm our diversity, and endeavour to provide a sensitive and safe environment.

The BUC Arts committee welcomes ideas and proposals that invite and encourage creativity within and beyond our congregation.
Do you have a gift or skills that you want to share?  Would you like to run a workshop or lead a project?

Here’s a small list of examples of what’s already been offered …

  • our amazing rainbow with Lucy Hardman
  • creating a Pentecost cloth with Ann Soo
  • creating Peace felts with Ann Soo
  • creativity workshops for the ‘What is creativity exhibition?’
  • Advent sculpture series with the Sunday Morning program led by Simone Alesich
  • collage and drawing workshops with Priscilla Manthey
  • the mural on the Youth Hall with Graeme Galloway assisted by Ann Soo and Dave Hall

Coming up …

  • ‘Enjoy painting’ – classes with Graeme Galloway
  • drawing workshops with Priscilla Manthey
  • ‘Freedom through movement’ – dance classes with Tonia Beggs
  • ‘Go paint the sheds’ – mural project with Olive Arts Collective led by Graeme Galloway, Ann Soo and Leanne Salau

There is just so much to celebrate and share in the life of our community.

Ann Soo, Co-convenor Creative Leader, annsoo11@tpg.com.au can assist in helping you developing your idea for submission to the BUC Arts committee.

For more information about submitting a proposal read here.