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Worship in February at Brunswick Uniting Church

 Welcome to February.  We will continue with many of the same processes for worship however there are a few new things to share.

Sunday morning worship will be offered onsite and in person.  We need to attend to a range of COVID safe requirements including

  • social distancing – keep 1.5 metres space between individuals or household groups.
  • To assist with this, every second pew has been roped off and yellow markers placed on the open pews 1.5 metres apart.
  • A Household group may sit together.
  • hygiene – sanitiser is provided on entry, the worship space is thoroughly cleaned before and after worship
  • mask wearing is required at all times unless you are leading parts of the worship or receiving Holy Communion

Live streaming worship

  • Our worship services will be livestreamed and recorded.
  • The services will be accessible via the BUC YouTube channel at 9:30am.
  • The regular worship email will also be sent out on Sunday afternoon with the link to the recorded service.


Signing in

  • you will be asked to check in using the QR code or by signing in.
  • please download the Service Victoria App in preparation for using the QR code.
  • New – one of the sign in tables will be moved to the steps to assist with people movement before and during worship

Overflow (new)

  • We are currently limited to 80 people in the worship space.
  • The worship committee will therefore be hosting an overflow space in the Youth Hall.  We can welcome approximately 20 people into this space.  We look forward to sharing this space with you as we worship onsite alongside the main worship space.
  • Please let contact Saide, saide.cameron@bigpond.com if you would like to be a host in this space.  Details provided.

House church (new)

  • Another possibility for sharing worship is to invite people to your place to watch and participate in the livestream worship together and then share morning tea or lunch.

Feedback (new)

  • The worship committee reflected on the live stream worship offered during January noting the positives about this and the challenges experienced
  • We’d love to hear from people who have been joining worship by livestream
  • Please tell us why you are joining by live stream, what that felt like, what worked and how we can improve both in terms of technical issues, visual experience and engagement
  • Please email saide.cameron@bigpond.com with your comments.


  • Morning Tea will not be provided at the moment.
  • Thankfully though we can stay, chat and catch up in the worship space and outside
  • New You may also like to join a regular group of worshippers at Café Marcella’s just up the road from the church for coffee & cake or maybe even lunch after worship.


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