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Our much delayed welcoming ceremony is moving online.  We usually offer two welcoming ceremonies each year.  These are an opportunity for people who have recently become part of our community name Brunswick Uniting Church as their spiritual home.  Lockdowns have prevented this from happening.  The worship committee has decided not to wait until it is possible to offer this ceremony in person …

Instead everyone is invited to participate in the Sunday Worship Zoom chat after worship on 24th October.

Each person being welcomed will share their story and we will all join in the responses:

To those being welcomed
“Do you name the Brunswick Uniting Church congregation as your community of faith? I do.
“Do you commit to actively participating within this community as the Spirit calls you?” I do.

To the congregation:
“Do you joyfully receive these people as fellow travellers along the way of discipleship? We do
“Do you commit to maintaining the life of faith together with them as a community of Jesus Christ?” We do.

If you are new to our congregation from 2020 onwards expect to receive an invitation to participate from the Hospitality committee very soon.  You may also like to contact Ian directly to register your interest or to seek further information, 0438 547 842.

The Zoom chat will be recorded if feasible and shared with the congregation privately via YouTube.

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