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A workshop to support an inclusive church community

It goes without saying that groups are diverse and complex. In every group or community some people feel comfortable at the centre while others find themselves on the periphery. Groups can grow and become healthier by intentionally engaging with these dynamics.

What does it mean to be on the margins of a group – to be on the outside looking in? Alternatively, what does it mean to be in the mainstream, to have your experiences taken as default? How do these dynamics affect how different people experience the same group and how can we learn to be more inclusive and aware of diversity?

Join the Discipleship & Education committee to explore how these questions speak into our ministry of hospitality, and also into our general sense of what it is to be a “community of communities” – how we find our place, understand our place and help others to do likewise.  Through reflective and exploratory activities we’ll tune up awareness of diversity and gain some practical steps forward.

Guest presenter Holly Hammond brings twenty-five years of experience in social movements to her work as an educator, facilitator and mentor.  She is passionate about building community, ending oppression and assisting activities and communities to thrive. (http://plantowin.net.au/people/ )

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