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Join the worship committee for a special meeting to plan for the Season of Lent**.  We will meet in the Youth Hall for a light meal (pastries & falafel from A1 Bakery followed by fresh fruit) then reflect together on the lectionary readings and events in our community and our world.  Through this process we will develop a theme for worship during the season of Lent and develop some common elements to link the five services.  These might be prayers, songs and visual components.

You can read the lectionary here.

Please email saide.cameron@bigpond.com to register your interest or to ask any questions.

** Lent is a season of preparation and discipline that begins with Ash Wednesday and concludes at sundown on Holy Saturday. During the forty weekdays and six Sundays in Lent, the Church remembers the life and ministry of Jesus and renews its commitment to him in Christian discipleship. The season is the traditional time to prepare for baptisms and confirmations to be celebrated at the Easter Vigil or on Easter Sunday, or during the season of Easter.

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