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Christmas Bowl Appeal

The Christmas Bowl appeal is a much-loved tradition through which 1,800 churches from 18 denominations come together in a powerful demonstration of faith and love to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people.  It is our way of forging a loving connection between our Christian community here in Australia and people around the world who are experiencing dreadful hardship and suffering. 
This year’s theme is ‘Love thy Neighbour’.

Every year we support the Christmas Bowl Appeal financially by buying beautiful craft, tantalizing treats and delicious preserves at the FUNdraising Stalls after worship, this year on 1st & 8th December, singing Carols at the Manse (date to be advised) and making our own tax-deductible donations either online or using the envelopes provided at worship (available in December).

See all the details here about what will be on offer.

All proceeds will support the projects sponsored by the Christmas Bowl.  This year the projects identified are:

  • Harvesting hope in Zimbabwe
  • Supporting Sri Lankan refugees to return home
  • Finding joy in resilience in Tonga
  • Finding strength in love after fleeing Syria
  • God’s love in action in South Sudan

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