Dear Friends
Some BUC members, who want to encourage our support for the Ukraine appeals, have spoken to me. They know that, after the disaster in Tonga, it may be a bit harder for many of us to step up. So they have offered to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations that we make in the week through to next Sunday. This means – for every dollar you give, they will give at least a dollar.

If you’d like to participate, you can:

  • make an online donation to Act for Peace (the Christmas Bowl people), whose partners in Hungary are supporting refugees there and in western Ukraine 
  • make an online donation to any other Ukraine appeal of your choice, or
  • put some money in an envelope (available at the back of the church) and mark it “for Ukraine”.
In each case, please email or message me to let me know what you have donated. I will keep your personal details confidential, but I will tell our matching givers what the total is. They will then give at least that much to Act for Peace.
I commend this appeal to you.
In Christ’s service.