Creative Arts Exhibition at Brunswick Uniting Church – Emergence

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As we reflect on a year passed, we look back at a year gone, but more pressingly: a present where we find ourselves anew, refreshed but wearied, learned but naïve, undisputedly different.

We have added phrases like “new normal” and “self-isolating” to our vocabulary. We have spent many more moments alone, and yet surrounded in our shared solitude. We have adapted and flexed with the ongoing uncertainty and change. We have navigated the landscape of online community faster than anybody could ever have anticipated.

So what has come of it? What can we take from this period of self-reflection and offer to our future selves – to bring forward and shape our paths? How can we take these unprecedented times and grow from them?

This year, BUC Arts invites you to reflect on the theme of Emergence for our upcoming exhibition.

Courtney Rohde, Exhibition Co-ordinator
Image:  Little things grow by Simone Alesich


Contributors are invited to submit a new work responding to one or more of these questions:

How have we been inspired by adversity, hope in hard times,
during the pandemic?

What has the emergence from restrictions opened up for us,
the new life we feel, the freedoms?

What has awakened within us over the past 18 months? 

What has this time unmasked or unveiled for us? What has been revealed?

What are we now inspired to share?


The exhibition will run from Friday 24 September until Sunday 3 October
at Brunswick Uniting Church.

Opening night will be on Friday 24 September from 7:00pm.
There will be an evening event on Friday 1 October from 6:30-9:30pm.

Please mark your diaries now and join the celebration!

Written submissions to be provided by Sunday 29th August.

Written descriptions of works to be provided by Sunday 12th September.

Delivery of works on Saturday 18th September (2-4)
and Sunday 19th September  (11-1).

Submission forms are available here.
For enquiries email bucarts@gmail.com