On Easter Sunday we gathered for worship to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  We gathered through the week in our homes connected by our love of God, our commitment to be followers of Jesus and through the breath of God in us, the gift of the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday we lit the Christ candle, we prayed and sang, we listened for the word of God and celebrated Holy Communion.  During Children’s time we journeyed one last time with the characters from Lent.  See the photos for Jesus’ response to the questions asked.

Alongside the recorded services on Sundays you can also connect to worship by

You can read the order of service for Easter Day here.
You can also revisit or view the recorded service here.

We worshipped on

  • Palm Sunday recalling Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  • Maundy Thursday during which we were offered three invitations – to wash our hands or feet, remember Jesus washing his disciples feet and to remember Jesus last meal, sharing bread and juice to walk with Jesus into the night
  • Good Friday listening to and reflecting on the story of Christ’s passion, John 18:1-19:42.

We have offered prayers during Holy Week

During worship on Easter Day Dave Hall launched the Household of God project, an invitation to create art in whatever medium people wish, in this time of isolation.  More details to come.

Preparation for Holy Week has been the work of many voices, much thought,  preparation and planning.

Thank you to Valentina Satvedi Leydon, our supply minister, who has offered a rich ministry in Holy Week in circumstances that none of us could have anticipated when she first accepted the call.

Thank you to Dave and Clara Hall and all the young people who helped to create the Lenten silhouette series and artworks offered for worship.

Thank you to David and Ray Cameron for knowledge and expertise in filming, sound and compilation as we have moved through the various phases of providing worship in this time of physical isolation.

Thank you to the music coordinators (Alistair Hunter, Shawn Whelan, Elaine Potter and Natalie Sims) and musicians who prepared and recorded music.

Thank you to Hannah Friebel, member of the Student House program, for her improvisation reflection following the sermon on Easter Day.

Thank you to Leanne Salau, Natalie Papworth and Glenice Cook  for the loan of their art installation ‘Imaginative Garden‘ which has added colour and beauty to our worship space and now graces our Tower Room Window display.  The art work was created for the 2019 ‘Let the earth speak‘ art exhibition at Brunswick UC.  Their statement for the exhibition was ‘The earth speaks with its beauty.  With all the different flowers.  All different colours, textures, shapes.  Variety of sizes and seasons.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated, offering readings and prayers, offering support and encouragement and so much more.

The worship committee (Kirsty Bennett, Amelia Ware, Natalie Sims, Helen Burnham, Jenne Perlstein, Jim Kilpatrick, Dave Hall, Valentina Satvedi) has delighted in working together to plan worship for Holy Week in these challenging times.

For me personally it was been a source of great joy to be in contact with so many people over these past two weeks and to bring all the contributions together to offer a series of worship services that have reached so many people within and beyond our own congregation.

Saide Cameron, liturgist and member of the worship committee