The Dictator
Johnny Salameh
Artist’s statement

The Dictator is made from Ready made objects ( suitcases and chair). My artwork expresses the dictator as the person who sits carelessly above the miserable momentum below, person who sat insensitively on the loves of others. As a Syrian I understand the momentum, dislocation, chaos and indeed hell enforced by dictators. ( From Windowspace – BEAC , my exhibition The Dictator 2018 and January 2019.

Artist Biography

I sought refuge in Australia in 2013 after escaping war torn Syria. I have practiced art since childhood and have experimented with various media and styles none of which I own after escaping Syria. In these artworks I use natural materials that peak the stories of refugees and asylum seekers.

Being a Melbourne resident, that has enabled me to resume my artwork in addition to designing creative furniture using wood and others organise and recycled material which are locally and sustainably sourced. Moreover, I have my own project specialising in garden and landscaping design and maintenance which merges with my passions for art and nature.

Johnny Salameh in conversation with Ian Ferguson about his installation ‘The Dictator’.