Why are we doing this? Conversations about death often don’t happen until it is too late. It can be a taboo subject in our society, and its avoidance results in assumptions being made about what people in general and Christians in particular do or should think about death. This series provides a space to open up the subject before we have to, discussing end of life and the complex feelings and choices that surround it. We are not pushing a particular moral line (other than it is good to have opportunities to talk about death!), but looking to provide a gentle supportive environment to explore this aspect of living.

There will be a number of different ways for you to engage with the subject:

  • Death over DinnerThursday 4th October
    Bring and share a meal,
    7pm in the Olive Way
  • Voluntary Assisted Dying ForumThursday 11th October
    Q&A with an expert on the Victorian legislation, a theologian and a pastoral educator,
    7:30pm in the Church.
  • Advanced Care Planning Workshop, Thursday 18th October
    You decide who decides – be open, be ready, be heard – guidance in preparing an advanced care plan
    7:30pm in the Olive Way
  • Grief & Loss, Thursday 25th October
    An experiential session to reflect on your losses – a safe and loving place to just be
    7pm in the Church.