Christ is risen

A new Christ Candle is lit.

We respond to the invitation:
Come let us pray for we are followers of Jesus called to be a listening and loving community.
Come as you are ready to light a taper and offer a prayer for the world, for the church, for those you love.
Come for today we celebrate the risen Christ.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of all that is and ever will be
we come to you this Easter morning
with grateful hearts and listening ears.

We thank you for the time of listening during the season of Lent,
for the reminder that we are never alone in our struggles
for the invitation to follow you with all that we are
and to share in communion around your table
We thank you for the opportunity to listen in the darkness
and lament the harm caused to vulnerable people.
We thank you that your glory is revealed
in our living, in the passion of human existence.

On this day of celebration we come to you
God of abundant life and resurrection joy
our feet washed, a meal shared,
the story of your passion told and remembered.
We come to you to celebrate your steadfast love
a love which makes us whole us and sets us free
to be a listening, welcoming, loving community.


Saide Cameron, offered for worship, Easter Day at Dawn, 1/4/18

Remembrance of Baptism

Brothers and sisters,
as we celebrate again the resurrection
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
we remember that through the mystery
of his suffering and death
we have died
and been buried with him in baptism.

In our baptism,
we were also raised with him to new life.
In repentance let us turn again
to Jesus Christ
who has defeated
the power of sin and death
and brought us new life

Let us commit ourselves anew to God,
reaffirming our baptism,
trusting in Jesus Christ as Saviour
and in the Holy Spirit as God’s
power and presence along the way.

Come, Risen Lord Jesus,
refresh the lives of all your faithful people.
Sisters and brothers:
Always remember you are baptised,
and be thankful.

Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, Easter Day at Dawn, 1/4/18


Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed.

May we rise with you, Lord Jesus
and find ourselves ever more brave,
more free, and more hopeful
than we might ever imagine we could be.

May we rise with you, Lord Jesus,
that when we fear and doubt
we might receive new life,
new ideas and renewed faith.

May we rise with you, Lord Jesus,
that when we are low,
feeling inadequate, or ashamed, or wounded,
we may know your healing, energy and grace,
to lift our hearts and send us out with joy.

Friends know the blessing of Easter Peace, Easter Hope,
Easter Joy and Easter Love.
In the name of God,
Mother of creation,
Word of faithfulness
and Spirit of life.

Go in peace to celebrate the risen Christ.

Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, Easter Day at Dawn, 1/4/18