Each year we spend a weekend together talking, laughing, singing, eating, playing games, planning, preparing and worshipping. Always a great time. The Adekate camp site is almost like a second home set in a wonderful bush atmosphere with inviting community spaces.

Save the date for 2020:  22nd-24th May


This year our theme was ‘Listening’, our opening workshop focused on John 14:23-29



This year our theme was ‘Bearing Fruit’ based on John 15:1-12.  


This is community‘ was our 2017 camp theme in response to Acts 2:42-47 and the 2016 Mission Planning report.


We explored the theme ‘Love – no strings attached‘ at the 2016 camp


We explored the themes from the Pastoral Care Review ‘Hospitality, Compassion & Community‘ in 2015.


Come to the banquet‘ was the invitation to the 2014 Camp.