Symbols of Ministry

offered to Dave Hall, Children & Families, Youth & Young Adult Pastor
at church camp celebrating the 
ministry of Janet Watson Kruse
as our Interim Children & Families worker

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Creator God, we open our eyes to the beauty of our bush surroundings
Nurtured and held since time immemorial by the local indigenous peoples
We open our ears to the wind that whistles, the rain that falls, the birds that sing
and are in awe of your creation – beautiful, unknowable, intricately balanced and infinitely precious.

Jesus breath of peace, teller of stories
We listen to your stories, we follow in your steps
You show us how to live, how to love
You shape us to be peacemakers
In a world that is too often deeply divided

Holy Spirit you dwell within us, stirring us into action
to protect your creation from self interest, indifference and ignorance
Standing alongside our indigenous brothers and sisters for future generations

Creator God, Jesus breath of peace, Holy Spirit
We confess that we do not listen to the world around us crying out in pain
We confess that we do not always stand up to be peace makers,
to speak on behalf of the environment, of suffering people, of those who have no voice
Forgive us, breathe your peace on us anew.  Amen
Hear the good news
In Christ through Christ, because of Christ
Our sins are forgiven

Saide Cameron, Ray Cameron, James Clough, Maxine Loynd, Michael Cameron
offered for worship at church camp, 26/5/19, Easter 6

Prayers of the people

Gathered as your people we pray for the church
We pray for everybody here that has been able to enjoy the time of fellowship and listening, and that we are able to take this back to our lives as we leave.
We pray for our congregation, from our members here today, to our members not here and the members yet to come, as we respond to the spiritual needs of the community and continue our support to the ares of social justice.
We lift up Janet, who has made a space for the young people in our congregation to engage with their faith, and hold in our prayers those congregations struggling to engage younger members
We pray for the broader church as they continue to their place in our changing society, and rebuild the public perception of the church, so damaged by past believing that moved so far from the love, trust, and supportive community that we should personify
Sing: All God’s people stand very firm

We pray for all people in leadership, that they can listen to all the people they represent.
We particularly pray for the new government, and that they can remain flexible and open to new idea, and not be straight jacketed by previous ideologies.
Grant that they have the wisdom to discern between special interest groups and all the people relying on their decisions.
May we have the patience and strength to deal with leaders with whom we may disagree and work with them in the way you would have us work with them, and allow us to remain firm in our beliefs and values
Sing: With God’s wisdom stand very firm

In recognizing that the earth is not ours to own but to care for, we pray for the environment – as around the world and in this land people grapple with effective responses to the climate emergency.
In recognizing we stand on a land that has been colonized, we pray that we will listen to indigenous voices and gain a better understanding of our shared relationship with the land.
Sing: all creation, stand very firm

We pray for people who are facing uncertain futures – asylum seekers, people who are homeless, sick, unemployed.
We pray for people who we know, and who we don’t know, that they may feel your presence and seek hope.
In the silence listen to our hearts as we remember those we know.
Sing: Sisters, Brothers, stand very firm.



Natalie Sims, Dave Miller, Jamie Thom, Linda Wannan, James Balsillie, Andrew Moorhouse,  Fiona MacDowall
offered for worship at church camp, 26/5/19, Easter 6