Your gifts and prayers will help mothers in Zimbabwe to become conservation farmers, so they can support their children and harvest hope after years of devastating drought. 

For Sri Lankan refugees, your generosity means the chance to return home and build safe, peaceful futures after years of displacement and civil war. 

By supporting the Christmas Bowl, you will help the vulnerable people of Tonga to stay safe through worsening disasters – and find joy in their resilience. 

Together, we can share God’s love with Syrian refugees in Jordan, by bringing them life-saving food and basics and emotional support. 

Through the Christmas Bowl, you are also shining Christ’s light on families in drought-stricken South Sudan. You are bringing them life-giving water, the simple blessing that sustains us all. 

Thank you for sharing your blessings this Christmas Bowl, so together we can care for people who are hurting and build a better world for all.