Finding strength in love after fleeing Syria 

How do we share God’s unconditional love with those who have suffered unimaginable violence? 

When their city of Hama came under siege, Rima and her husband Kateb fled for Jordan with their children. As they were escaping, one of their young sons was killed by a chemical strike, and died an agonising death. 

Since then, the family have been living in refugee camps in Jordan, staying together in tents, with no way to support themselves. 

But they were brave and resilient and have found the strength to carry on. Through the support of the Christmas Bowl they are able to access food packages and hygiene kits from Act for Peace’s partner in Jordan, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR). Rima now also brings in a small income for her family by selling Syrian food. 

Through the Christmas Bowl, you can share God’s love by helping to support Syrian refugees like Rima and her family as they rebuild their lives. 

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