Finding joy in resilience

Is it possible to be joyful when the natural disasters that batter your island home become more destructive with every year? Your Christmas Bowl gifts help the vulnerable people of Tonga to stay safe through worsening disasters. People like ‘Asena, who has found great joy in protecting her family and caring for her neighbours. 

‘Asena is a trainer in disaster risk reduction and preparedness with Act for Peace’s local partner. She travels to communities across the island, teaching people how to survive during a calamity. 

When Tropical Cyclone Gita hit Tonga last year, it flattened churches, levelled crops and collapsed power lines. But ‘Asena’s work in disaster preparedness helped many families, including her own, to survive the devastation. 

By giving this Christmas, you can help more families in Tonga to stay resilient through the next disaster. You will also bring them the joy of knowing they can protect their family and community during the times of greatest need 

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