God’s love in action

The prophet Isaiah told people who had lost their homeland and who had been through enormous suffering that they could live in peace again. His message resonates this Christmas Bowl, as we support Sri Lankan refugees to return home and build peaceful new lives after years of bloody civil war. 

After years of living in a refugee camp, Vijayakanth and his family returned to Sri Lanka with few belongings. They had to live in an unsafe area, in a run-down rental home that flooded in the rainy season. 

But thanks to your compassion, they were supported through their difficulties by Act for Peace’s partners, like OfERR (Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation). 

OfERR is helping returnees like Vijayakanth’s family to find new livelihoods and start their lives over in a country that has been shattered by war. 

“I am so thankful to OfERR. They have ensured my family’s safety and security, particularly my children’s. This has paved a new dawn for our children.” 

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