During worship at Church Camp, 26th May, we celebrated Janet Watson Kruse’s ministry as our Interim Children & Families worker.  Janet commenced in this role on Sunday 13th May 2018.  Over the past two weeks she has provided handover to recently our commissioned Children & Families, Youth & Young Adult Pastor, Dave Hall.  Worship  at camp was a fitting time for Janet and the young people to reflect on the symbols of the Children & Families ministry that they wanted to hand over to Dave for his ministry with them.

Ian began ‘God is faithful and will always call ministers to witness to God’s love’.  He acknowledged the rich and full ministry that we have shared with Janet over the past 12 months and the change in the nature of our relationship as she continues as a long time member of the congregation.  

Janet responded ‘I want to say thank you because it’s been so fun.  When Anita initially approached me about doing the interim role I was actually feeling a little bit tired and I felt like I was going to a break from teaching in the Sunday Morning Program.  And I said to her I’ll think aobut it but I can’t do it unless I can do it from a place of joy.  And I went on my own to my beach house and I found a big pot of joy and I came back and I said yes.  And actually the entire twelve months has been nothing but joy.  I have had so much fun.  I just loved being with the young people and just embracing everything about it.  I want to thank the Children & Youth Committee, especially Anita who supervised me every single week, all of the amazing volunteers who make the program work and bring their hearts and dedication and prayer to the program, church council and the whole congregation for seeing our work together with the kids as so important.  Because kids and young people we wouldn’t be Brunswick Uniting without you and we think you’re terrible important and love that you come with here us and being with us.  So thank you and you are in very good hands with Dave.

So brothers and sisters in Christ you commissioned me to work with children & their families, it’s time for me and us to hand these tasks to Dave so we’ve got lots of helpers to do this.  So we would like to start with the candle – the Christ Candle, the candle of love and the candle of hope.  The holy packet of Tim Tams – presenting  them Thomas said ‘This is mighty packet of Tim Tams.  It is what represents the older group of SMP.  Keep it safe’. Janet shared that Hamish says there are two rules – there must be snacks and there are no stupid questions’, representing community and conversations.  Then in turn the children presented the cross, from the SMP liturgy box (originally created by Julie Perrin).  Symbols of play (football) and creativity (drawings) were also placed on the table.  And finally the SMP rolls, representing the administrative tasks of the SMP.  Two other symbols from the liturgy the bowl (please), and stone (sorry) were placed later.

The children led us in a Rainbow prayer of thanksgiving for Janet placing the parts of the SMP rainbow in turn on the table:   kindness, fun, talks & Tim Tams, great with kids, exciting, good activities.  Ian prayed ‘And so we give thanks to God for all that you have shared Janet.  Thank you.’

Janet presented the children with the gift of a book to be placed in the kids corner at church.  

Shawn, Chair of Church Council, lead the formal liturgy of release dissolving the ministry team and inviting Ian, Dave and Janet to share a sign of peace.

Ian prayed in blessing for Janet and our congregation.    

We sang ‘God is love’ as the children set the table for our celebration of Holy Communion.  

Listen to the recording of this celebration here.