ARRCC and Sacred People, Sacred Earth

On March 11, Brunswick UC will join faith communities around the world for the biggest-ever multi-faith Day of Action on the climate crisis called Sacred People, Sacred Earth. This will be the start of a multi faith Year of Action around the world leading up to the next round of crucial international climate negotiations [...]

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Living the Change

Celebrate LIVING THE CHANGE on Sunday 6 December 2020 3-5.30pm where you can be working together towards creating a flourishing world for all. Gather as members of diverse faith communities and those who care for our planet to share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration. The event offers a chance to talk about [...]

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Make a Climate Action Commitment

During the Season of Creation the Climate Action Group invited us to make a Climate Action Commitment.  Here are some of the commitments that have already been made. We were offered an insight into some of the commitments which had already been made - watch this video. Claire Foley offered these two videos, a [...]

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Season of Creation 4

On 4th October we were invited to make a commitment in response to the Climate Crisis.  This week (11th October) members of the Climate Action Group and the congregation shared their commitments.   A longer version of this presentation is available here. You can make a commitment - See the Commitment information and pledge [...]

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Season of Creation 3

Make a commitment  Gwen Arnold speaks about taking action - When it comes to acting on climate change we sometimes feel powerless.  We may ask “what can we offer?"  Well we can each make an offering of ourselves and look at our personal carbon footprint – and together all our small actions can  make a [...]

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Season of Creation 2

#BuildBackBetter Linda Wannan spoke about the BUC Assembly document Build Back Better - A Just Recovery Post Covid-19 which offers a vision of “a nation where each person and all creation can flourish and enjoy abundant life. We believe the whole world is God’s good creation. Each person is made in God’s image and is deeply loved by God.  [...]

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Season of Creation 1

Climate Crisis Action Plan Kate Scull, member of the creation shared details of the four commitments in our plan and actions currently being taken. Four commitments To develop our theological understanding and discipleship To go beyond zero emissions and become carbon positive To engage widely in both the church and the community on the [...]

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Sydney Road Street Party 2020

The Justice & Mission committee together with the Climate Action group offered activities to engage people in reflecting on climate change.  It was a hot and windy day and people were less inclined to stop this year.  Even so we made an impact with some lovely contributions on the rainbow (in response to the [...]

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Christmas Bowl – Thank you

Your gifts and prayers will help mothers in Zimbabwe to become conservation farmers, so they can support their children and harvest hope after years of devastating drought.  For Sri Lankan refugees, your generosity means the chance to return home and build safe, peaceful futures after years of displacement and civil war.  By supporting the [...]

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