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I love collecting and sharing the stories of our congregation. Our new website is a wonderful platform for this to happen in a dynamic way. I hope you enjoy exploring the website to find out more about how the BUC congregation tells, shares and celebrates the story of God's love for all creation.

Jesus’ teachings about Money

‘I came that they might have life and have it in abundance’ We are currently conducting a Mission Appeal which means our focus through the month of August will be on money. Let’s acknowledge our feelings in relation to money, whatever spiritual burden or joy it places on us – and I confess to [...]

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Sustaining our Mission

The Annual General Meeting, held on 6th June, affirmed that we want to keep going with all our amazing missional work. That includes the expanded Olive Way team (currently approved by Church Council until 31 December 2024) and a new full-time pastor or minister for CYYA (or part time equivalents) for 5 years. To [...]

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Mission Appeal – Student House

During worship on 31st July, James Balsillie, chair of the Student House Committee, spoke about the origins of the Student House program and its evolution now to a community in which young people are nurtured in their faith, supported and cared for as they undertake tertiary study.  He commented on the richness of the relationships [...]

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Worship, 31/7, Pentecost 8

Julie Perrin welcomed us to worship on 31st July.  We heard the parable of The Rich Farmer, a story told with humour and a bluntness there is no getting away from.  There were also reflections on Psalm 85 from the Worshipping with the Psalms invitation - visual, written and spoken contributions woven in through [...]

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Sundays Prayers 31/7

Prayers of Adoration Watch or 5:54 Our Opening Prayer, a Prayer of Adoration, comes to us in the hymn we are about to sing.  The words were written by a Canadian writer, Sylvia Dunstan, who was mentored by Miriam Therese Winter. In this hymn are the paradoxes we meet in Jesus and the parables in [...]

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Prayer Points 31/7

Mission Appeal Ministry Team Church Council Olive Way program Climate Action Presbytery of Port Philip West Synod of VicTas UCA Assembly From the Assembly News Join us in prayer for Courage, creativity and faithfulness to be innovative in the ways we serve and proclaim the hope and love of Christ. Korean members [...]

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Mission Appeal – Olive Way

During worship on 24th July, Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, offered a brief history of the Olive Way ministry and a brief insight into how guests are supported. He concluded 'We are grateful for the generous support that BUC has given Olive Way over the years and we look forward to continuing to allow [...]

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Prayer as remembrance

Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, reflected on the challenge of prayer. Note - the video and then audio dropped out just as Peter was beginning his reflection. The reflection begins with a minute of two of lower quality audio only before the new livestream commences. Commences at 29:49

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