Brunswick Uniting Church participated in the Walk for Yes event on Sunday 17th September ’23.  We took two banners, the Brunswick Uniting Church banner and our hand crafted YES banner.  We were also joined by a team from  the Vic/Tas Synod with their banner.

I felt proud to see these three banners flying and on display for all to see.  We didn’t see many other organisations with their own banners however there were many Yes banners.  A number of people expressed interest in the words on our banner asking ‘What did they mean?’.

There were speeches, marching, chants, music, all in support of the ‘Yes’ vote for the referendum.  It was great to see the many people that had come out to show their support for the First Nations peoples.  The Federation Square was full to overflowing.

We have a once in a life time opportunity to make a difference, to right a wrong (lack of recognition).  Change will come about at the individual level, how each person votes on the day.

Ray Cameron, First Nations Focus

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