Claire Foley 30 Aug 2023

Today, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially set the date for the upcoming Referendum on a Voice to Parliament.  It is Saturday 14th October 2023.

How do you want Australia to look when you wake up on the morning of 15th October 2023.

I had the privilege of listening to Dean Parkin, Director of the Yes23 campaign, last Sunday.

I was at the launch of Michael Long’s ‘Long Walk to Canberra’.   On Sunday, the AFL legend said: “It’s nearly 20 years since my first Long Walk. Back then, I walked to ask the [then] prime minister John Howard three questions: Where was the love for the First Nations People? Where is the voice? Where is the vision for Indigenous Australia? Today, as we prepare to vote in the referendum, we are still asking the same questions.”

Back to Dean Parkin.  He told me, and all the other supporters there, that we only need to know two numbers:

  1. 40% of eligible voters in Australia have not yet decided how to vote;
  2. If those already engaged in the campaign can change the mind of just two people, then the Referendum will be won.

With this in mind, here is a letter to print or email. letter to five others – Dean Parkin 

Consider finding five people to whom you can send it.  Send it to more: Send it to your friends and family on your Christmas Card list;  email it to your contacts.    And send a poster as well.VTHC_Yes_A3_poster_WEB

If you print the attached letter and A4 poster they will fit in a DL envelope, and you only need standard postage within Australia.  Email is quicker and faster.  But a hand-written letter may be kept a little longer.  Your choice!

Just do it and let’s get this job done!  And contact me if you want a hard copy version of the letter and poster. I’ll even arrange for payment of your postage.