Worship, Day of Mourning 2022

On 30th January, Day of Mourning, our worship gave expression to our commitment to truth-telling, justice, healing on the Sunday after January 26th, Invasion Day, a Day of Mourning. Some of the resources in this service were taken from Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) and the Common Grace movement. We focussed on the [...]

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Sunday Prayers 30/1

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 11:06 Prayer of Adoration Our land is alive with the glory of God; desert sands hum and gum trees dance. Brown grasses sing and mountains breathe their stillness. All created things add their rhythms of delight and even stones rap out their praise. Let our voices mingle with [...]

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Call for Nominations for Synod 2022

The meeting of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania occurs approximately every 18 months and consists of around 300 members appointed​ by presbyteries and reporting bodies. It meets over four days to worship, enjoy fellowship, receive reports and make decisions regarding the general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s worship, witness and service. [...]

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Olive Press 30/1

Prayer Points - The people of Tonga and surrounding islands - First Nations people - Students and staff returning to school - Health care, police and emergency workers continuing to face increased demands in response to COVID - Church Council and committees reviewing and setting goals for [...]

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Worship, Epiphany 3C

On 23rd January, Epiphany 3, we welcomed Rev Deacon Fiona Bottcher as our preacher.  Fiona is a member of our congregation and is the Coordinator of the Port Philip West Mental Health Ministry.  She helped us to reflect on Jesus’ proclamation in Luke and Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, to wonder and ask questions about [...]

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Olive Press 23/1

Prayer Points Ministry Team Tonga Tsunami Disaster All returning to school and work All suffering/recovering from COVID BIUC Congregation UnitingCare ReGen D&E Committee Presbytery Representatives – Kate and Jamie Student House Program Community Ministry Love Makes a Way Food Co-op CTM Our planet & all she holds [...]

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