Worship, Pentecost 25B

Ian welcomed us to worship on 14th November.  We explored themes of breaking down and rebuilding, locking down and opening up, going in and re-emerging. Our bible readings spoke of destruction and rebuilding, of loss and new life, of death and resurrection – of God turning the world as we know it upside-down. Ian affirmed that we [...]

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Sunday Prayers 14/11

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 9:56 A meditation on 4 artworks leading us through praise and confession and reconciliation. Between each work we will offer our meditations to God in song, O Lord hear my prayer. Image 1: One perfect moment – Jessica Kvansakul Begin in black and white. Jessica has captured [...]

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Olive Press 14/11

Prayer Points Ministry Team Assembly Standing Committee Emregence Exhibition Culture of Safety program Moderator – Denise Stewart Lodge & residents Worship Committee Finance Committee YUCY & YUCY-OG Compassion Ministry BUC Arts Synod of VicTas Creatures of the sea BUC News Worship during November-December We will [...]

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Olive Press 7/11

Prayer Points Ministry Team Church Council Olive Way program Pastoral Care Committee Justice & Mission Committee Sunday Morning Program Roster participants Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network Non-Violent Direct Action FUNdraising Committee Presbytery of Port Philip West Creatures of the land BUC News Worship this week, Sunday 7th [...]

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