Worship – Pentecost 13A

On Pentecost 13, 30th August, our worship service focussed on respecting and honouring the First Nations people of the land on which BUC stands and connecting with the local First Nations community, particularly the Wurundjeri – Woiworong Tribe, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Watch the service for the first time or again [...]

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Sunday Prayers 30/8

Prayers of Adoration Watch Jenne:  Miriam Rose Ungunmerr, a Ngangikurungkurr woman from the Daly River region, writes: “What I want to talk about is another special quality of my people. I believe it is the most important. It is our most unique gift. It is perhaps the greatest gift we can give to our [...]

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Olive Press 30/8

Prayer Points Black Lives Matter movement Moz's Calling Party Climate Action Plan implementation Preparations for Season of Creation Christmas worship planning Olive Arts on Zoom   BUC News Worship News This week our worship service will focus on respecting and honouring the First Nations people [...]

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Moses and Jambi

A reflection on Exodus 2 Julie Perrin and I reflect on the story of the birth of Moses and put his story alongside that of another baby born in difficult times, Jambi O'Rourke. Jambi's story is told by Elaine Terrick - footage of her telling is used with permission of the film makers. [...]

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Sunday Prayers 23/8

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch: https://youtu.be/1iMokGr1rrU?t=288 God of the deeps, Who calls wonders out of chaos. Quell our turbulence for we are lost in tumult. Speak stillness to our storms. Now in this sorrow, help us to stay with the trouble; in affliction, grant us courage. Amidst confusion, lend us clarity, and when [...]

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Hands that help; hands that heal; hands that bless

Hello BUC art lovers, I vaguely recall an invitation to create some form of art piece to express our experiences of the pandemic and lockdowns. Our experience has been complicated with Jenny’s health challenges through 2020 (cataract surgery January, facial cancer surgery February, radiation therapy Feb/March, lymphoma hospitalisation and biopsy June/July, new medication and [...]

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Outrageous Faith

A reflection on Matthew 15:21-28 - Jesus and the Canaanite woman, a well known but easily misunderstood story. Offered by Rev Deac Fiona Bottcher, the Port Phillip West Mental Health Ministry Coordinator, Sunshine and a member of our congregation.

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