The Bible is a disorienting book

The bible is a disorienting book. We should avoid rushing to harmonise its various theologies. It's often its discordant notes that draw us into the surprising ways of God and the surprising calls on our lives. Isaiah 43:16-21; John 12:1-8 With thanks to Geoff Thompson, a member of our congregation and lecturer in Systematic [...]

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Sunday Prayers 7/4

Prayers of Adoration God of great love, you have done great things for us. You make a path through our brokenness, leading us onward, and restoring our hope.  You loosen our grip on fear, so we might reach out and take hold of the One who cradles us gently in arms of grace. Brother of the poor, you are doing great things through us. You make a path through our [...]

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Love Makes a Way

Lenten Listening Introduction by Natalie Sims - During Lent, our prayers of confession each week are said in response to God’s word of grace and hope. This is a time of listening with respect, to the voices of those in our community who are needy and oppressed, and a time of asking God’s grace to [...]

Carlynne’s Ordination

The ordination of Carlynne Nunn, held at Brunswick UC, on Saturday 16th March was a joyous celebration.  Welcoming everyone to the service Ian ensured that every person knew that there was a place for them in their support of Carlynne.   Carlynne candidated from our congregation and began her training in 2016.  She was [...]

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A visit from the President

Dr. Deidre Palmer, President of the UCA visited our congregation for worship on Sunday 3rd March.  Deidre offered her greetings, expressing her delight in being with us. She explained that she and Ian had worked together coordinating worship for the Assembly meeting that was held here in Melbourne last year when she was installed as [...]

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Olive Press 7/4

Holy Week Calendar During Holy Week we will continue to listen, responding to the stories we have listened to and shared during Lent. Palm Sunday 14th April, 9:30am including Ecumenical service at St. Ambrose Maundy Thursday 18th April, 7:30pm including foot washing and Holy Communion Good Friday 19th [...]

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