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Worship for the Brunswick Indonesian Uniting Church is held each Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm.


The Brunswick Indonesian Uniting Church began in February 2003. It came into being through the work of the Rev Yono Abadi, together with an Indonesian leadership group and the Church Council of Brunswick Uniting Church. The Indonesian members were placed on a separate roll of the Brunswick Uniting Church. In July 2003 the new group was recognized as a faith community by the Presbytery of Maribyrnong Valley.

On 15th May 2007 the Brunswick Indonesian Faith Community became recognised as a congregation of the Uniting Church by the Presbytery of Maribyrnong Valley.

Worship is held every Sunday at around 5:00pm,followed by fellowship and a meal. On the fourth Sunday, the service is run by the younger members and is mainly in English. Twice a year, a combined worship service is held with the whole Brunswick Uniting congregation alternating between 9:30am and 5:00pm.

The BIUC is very enthusiastic; it has grown in the past two years from 40 to 80 plus members, and its location relative to Universities means that students staying in Melbourne can easily join a worshipping group.

The Uniting Church is proud of its tradition of being a multi-cultural church. This is a powerful way of bringing reconciliation, particular where the communities involved have been subject to colonization in recent centuries.

It is exciting to have Christians from different cultural backgrounds journeying together. Being multicultural requires all of us to see things through the eyes of people from different cultures. For those of us who are established in Australian society, it also means seeing through the eyes of people who are less established in Australian society. The task of working together and sharing the mission of Jesus will continue, and with the help of the Holy Spirit this will bear much fruit.

Every 5th Sunday of the month both the Brunswick and Brunswick Indonesian congregations worship together. For dates and times click here.