Tune In

Tune In, BUC's songbook is the work of many people. It is a collection of 30 songs that have been joyfully offered by songwriters who are members of the Brunswick Uniting Church congregation. We acknowledge this gift first and foremost. The songs are now available for download on our website - Download Tune In [...]

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Sunday Prayers 8/10

Prayers of Adoration & Confession God of all creation when we look up into the endless blue of a clear spring morning and gaze at the fathomless stars in the deep night sky we are reminded of your glory and your boundless love. Christ our redeemer when we look around we see you reflected [...]

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Finding grace amid difference of marriage equality opinion

I once held a school chaplaincy position where I nearly got sacked in my first week on the job. I was employed by the Council for Christian Education in Schools (now known as ACCESS Ministries). In the lead up to my appointment there was some disquiet. Read more ... By Julie Perrin, Melbourne writer, oral [...]

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The best possible version of ourselves

Over the last few years, many words have been written – and many dollars made –  encouraging us to become “the best possible version” of ourselves.  What does this best possible version look like, and how do we attain that heady goal?  Are there 25 steps to get there or only one?  Paul’s letter [...]

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Celebrating 10 years of Olive Way

Olive Way Reflection On a draft program for tonight I noticed this segment being described as a speech. But I would rather it be titled a reflection. A reflection about how an active Church taking a risk in God's name can have an impact both on a community, in this case Brunswick and surrounding [...]

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Winter is coming

'Winter is coming' What does the Climate Summit in Westeros have to say to us in our world? Why should we care what these characters get up to in their fantasy world? Are Paul words to us in Romans 12:19-21 'Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good: [...]

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