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General Publications

A Place at the Table - Ed. Judi Fisher & Janet Wood
Be Our Freedom Lord - Ed. by Terry Falla
Birthings & Blessings - Ricciuti & Mithcel
Echoes of our Journey - by Dorothy McRae McMahon
In God’s Presence (prayers) - Ed. by Joan Stott
(The) Inclusive Bible - Rowan & Littlefield Publications Inc.
Lacuna (Space for God) Manual - Synod of Victoria
Liturgies for the Journey of life - by Dorothy McRae McMahon
100 Worship activities for children - by Chris Leach
Prayers encircling the world - SPCK Prayer Collection
Uniting in Worship - Leaders Book (red)
Uniting in Worship - Peoples Book (blue)
Worship in the Round - JBCE
Present on Earth - Wildgoose Worship Group


Music Publications

Tune In! is our very own song book made up of songs written by songwriters within our congregation.

All Together Now (1-104) - Lutheran Publishing House
All Together Again (105-205) - Lutheran Publishing House
All Together Everybody (206-310) - Lutheran Publishing House
All Together OK (311-416) - Openbook Publishers
All Together Whatever (417-509) - Openbook Publishers
All Together for Good (510-589) - Curly Music
As One Voice for Kids (Harmony) - Willow Connection
As One Voice for Kids (Melody) - Willow Connection
As One Voice Vol 1. (Harmony) - Willow Connection
As One Voice Vol 2. (Harmony) - Willow Connection
As One Voice Vol 2. (Melody) - Willow Connection
Carol our Christmas - New Zealand Carols
Come all you People - Iona Wildgoose Publication
Covenant Songbook - (Harmony) (2 copies)
Covenant Songbook - (Words) (multiple copies)
Emergent Psalter - Isaac Everett
Enemy of Apathy - Iona Wildgoose Publication
Every Day in your Spirit - by Shirley Murray
Faith looking Forward - by Brian Wren
Freedom is Coming (2 copies)
Gather Australia - NLMC Publications Melbourne
God Gives - Songs for Kids Vols 1, 2 & 3 - JBCE
Heaven Shall not Wait - Iona Wildgoose Publication
In Every Corner Sing - by Shirley Murray 
Lord of Light - St. Louis Jesuits
Love from Below - Iona Wildgoose Publication
Mono’s Christmas Songbook, (5 copies) - by Monique Lisbon
More Voices - United Church of Canada
Music from Taize Vol 1
(NCYC) Converge - NCYC 2009
(NCYC) It all Depends - NCYC 1999
(NCYC) Living the Legend - NCYC 1997
(NCYC) Now is the Time - NCYC 2001
(NCYC) Red Album Songbook - NCYC 2003
New Century Hymnal - Pilgrim Press
New Christmas Praise - Salvation Army carol book
On the Road - by Ross Langmead  
Praise for All Seasons, (2 copies) - Ed. Elaine Downie & Digby Hannah
Praise the God of Grace - by Elizabeth Smith
Praising a Mystery - by Brian Wren
Rejoice for God has called us - by Elizabeth Smith
Songs of the Kingdom - Scripture in Song (Vol 2)
Songs of Praise - Scripture in Song (Vol 1)
Sing Alleluia (Harmony)
Songs & Prayers from Taize - Rainbow Book Agencies
Songs for a Hopeful Church - by Elizabeth Smith
Songs for a Rainbow People - by Colin Gibson
Songs from a Still Strange Land (2 copies) - JBCE
Songs of the World Church – Many & Great - Iona Wildgoose Publication
Songs of the World Church – Sent by the Lord - Iona Wildgoose Publication
The Common Good (2 copies) - by Peter Kearney
Taize 2004-2005
Together in Song (Harmony - 6 copies)
Together in Song (Large print - 5 copies)
Together in Song (Melody - 18 copies)
Tune In BUC Songbook - Wholenote Publishing
Version 1.0 - by Robin Mann
Women clothed with the Sun (4 copies) - Conference Songbook



We are committed to supporting musicians and writers in the work that they do and so are currently members of three copyright organizations
LicenSing -
Together in Song -
We also have an individual license which enables use to use the work of Linnea Good, Musical Animator, Canada -

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