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Each week a group of musicians are rostered to offer their gifts in leading worship. They are supported in this role by the worship committee and the music ministry team who provide practical support to musicians as well as liturgists and preachers.

Members of the Music Ministry Team take responsibility for the following areas:

  1. Resourcing Music
  2. Supporting, developing & nurturing musicians
  3. Providing opportunities to ‘have fun with music’
  4. Liaising with the Children & Youth worker for Sunday School led worship
  5. Supporting our songwriters
  6. Technical Support
  7. Administrative Support


Tune In! is our very own song book made up of songs written by songwriters within our congregation.

Singing from the Lectionary: The creator of this website, Natalie Sims, is a member of Brunswick Uniting Church. Check out her website for more information about Natalie’s passions and of course her fantastic song suggestions.
'I like singing and I like the Lectionary, so I really like suggesting songs for other people to sing at church!'

New Songs: Brunswick Uniting Church is currently collating songs written by members of the congregation. Access is protected (by password) for the safety of the songwriters creative property.

We also use these publications during worship.


We are committed to supporting musicians and writers in the work that they do and so are currently members of three copyright organizations
LicenSing -
Together in Song -
We also have an individual license which enables use to use the work of Linnea Good, Musical Animator, Canada -

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