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Worship Guidelines


Our Worship Statement offers some insight into how we understand worship at Brunswick UC.
100+ Names for the Divine provides people leading and preparing worship a wide variety of ways of referring to and naming God in worship

Worship Roster Guidelines

The Worship roster is a complex system that enables approximately 55 people to offer their time and talents to support our offering of worship to God each Sunday morning. We have rosters for

Preaching Music
Liturgy Welcoming
Children's Time Bible Reading
Prayers of the People Laptop Operator
Flowers Morning Tea & Morning Tea Helper
Stewart Lodge Sound System

Participants in our worship roster system are supported in the offering of their time with detailed guidelines as indicated above. Guidelines are also provided for setting up and serving Holy Communion. The worship committee reviews the guidelines regularly to ensure that they fully express what we do and how we hope to do it.


The vision for the preparation of the original Worship Guidelines booklet and much of the material for liturgists was written and prepared by Rev. Dr. Marian Zaunbrecher, February 1993, minister of West Brunswick parish.

The booklet was further revised and updated by South West Brunswick Worship Committee:
- April 1994 (Including People) ** Resources for the section Including People were obtained from Inclusive Language Resource Papers, prepared by the Queensland Synod UCA 1983
- May 1995 (Introduction & Children in Worship added).
- 2003 The statement 'What is worship?' was added. Changes to format of the book occurred with Guidelines being made available separately.
- 2005&6 Guidelines for all sections were significantly updated to reflect the South West Brunswick's merger with the St. Andrew's congregation to form the Brunswick congregation on Sydney Rd.
- 2008 Understandings around how to offer the Declaration of Forgiveness were explored.
- New guidelines are developed as need arises. The whole package is available, see the links below.

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