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Tune In!

Tune In! A collection of songs from Brunswick Uniting Church
ISBN: 978-0-9804858-0-6 (Wholenote Publishing)

Songs by:  Dave Brown, Elaine Loukes, Sheree Anderson, Shawn Whelan, Matthew Lees, Kate Scull, Natalie Sims
Artwork by:  Perri Winter

This songbook & CD is the work of many people.  It is a collection of 30 songs for congregational singing and reflection that have been joyfully offered by songwriters who are members of the Brunswick Uniting Church congregation.

The creation of our songbook "Tune In!" has been an amazing experience.  The whole project started with a desire to collect the songs being written so that we could use them more effectively in worship. The songs are of a variety of styles and respond to the liturgical seasons.  We started with a modest first run, then a second run and then we realised that we really wanted to celebrate and share the creative gifts that we are so blessed with.

Hours of work, singing, playing, mixing and proof-reading of the book and recording have resulted in this top quality book & CD which we are so excited to be launching and sharing with the church community. The book includes fully notated and lyric versions of the songs, biblical references and the story behind each song.

‘Invitation’ by Shawn Whelan has been selected for the NCYC 09 Converge Songbook.

You can read the lyrics and listen to a soundbyte (mp3) of all these contemporary and progressive congregational worship songs on the Wholenote Publishing website.

Tune In! is regularly featured in the Singing from the Lectionary.

Copies of the Songbook and CD can be purchased online through Wholenote Publishing.

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