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Justice and Mission

Brunswick Uniting Church strives to be a Christian community who loves God, seeks wisdom, cares for and engages with each other, the wider community and the earth, travelling with justice and love.

We engage with the local and global community.

Deepening Community and ABCD

At Brunswick Uniting, we are always exploring what it means to be engaged with the local and global community and to be a voice for justice and mission. In October 2014, the Uniting Church Synod hosted a workshop with Jim Diers, internationally renowned proponent of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). We came away inspired and excited about the potential for our church community to take an ABCD approach to be more connected and active into our local area. Read more

ABCD focuses on the strengths and passions of a community, recognising that we all care deeply about something and that we all have gifts, which when celebrated and shared with each other, can make real a difference. ABCD is about having fun, starting small, building on our gifts, taking collective action, sharing our stories and working for change.

We want to apply these ABCD principles in the context of a deepening sense of community with each other and with our local neighbourhoods. We have learnt that a deepening sense of community has four elements:

  1. Sharing our stories
  2. Enjoying each other
  3. Caring for one another
  4. Working together for a better world

It is through working together for a better world that we can deepen our sense of community and engage with the local and global community. In 2015, we ran three workshops to explore these ideas together and we are starting our journey with four projects.

ABCD Projects

In April & May 2015 we held three workshops using the ABCD approach and four exciting projects emerged. Read more

Current Commitments

Over the years we have developed strong links with and to groups and projects through which we actively live out our faith. Read more

Previous Commitments

We have also actively supported other organizations and projects. Read more


Through FUNdraising we care for our congregation, engage with the local and global community and enable the ministries of our church. Most importantly we have FUN while raising much needed funds. Read more

Personal Mission

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Praying for Justice

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Sharing Stories

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