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Non Violent Direct Action

Inspired by the series of Love Makes A Way actions in 2014 and 2015, we would like to encourage and equip BUC members to plan and participate in LMAW and other similar actions. LMAW brings together members of different churches, although we could plan similar actions of our own.

Persian-English Language Exchange

The idea of a Persian/English conversation group developed from a number of other ideas that came up at the ABCD workshop (as the best ideas often do!) Some of the key features will be sharing our knowledge, interests and skills with each other, learning more about each others' cultures, and learning some Persian and English language. We will be doing this over a meal after worship on the second Sunday each month.

Olive Extract Registry

The Olive Extract is about helping the Brunswick UC congregation to make deeper and stronger connections with each other by sharing possessions, skills and interests.
This project is currently on hold.

Creating Space for Children

The initial focus for this project arose through the awareness that children are our spiritual teachers, their clarity and honesty is a gift to us. We wondered what the impediments are to children feeling that church is a place for them. Play space is needed so children can get to know each other, it brings out the best in all of us.