Young Children

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Worship – play area, activity bags

We encourage people to bring their babies and toddlers to church. We won’t make you sit in a glass booth! There is space on carpeted floor, child sized furniture and some books and drawing activities. We have little kit bags of quiet play things that we give out week by week. There is nothing we love more than the curiosity of a toddler, so please don’t feel you have to stay away because you have little ones.

Occasional Playgroup

At Brunswick Uniting Church we are privileged to have new families with babies and pre-schoolers. Whilst many parents work or study full or part time, we still manage to get together every term. We offer play space in our homes and nearby parks and an opportunity to get to know each other and the magnificent children amongst us.


  • Culture of Safety – Brunswick Uniting Church is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of safety in our gatherings and activities for children, young people and vulnerable adults.