Our congregation and community life is greatly enriched by the participation of our young adults.  Many of them are involved in leading our YUCY group or assisting with the Sunday Morning program.  Some are members of committees (worship, justice and mission, discipleship & education) and others are volunteers at our Olive Way program.  Young adults also support the work of the finance and communication committees by taking on specific tasks.

Brunswick Uniting has run a Student Housing Program (SHP) for almost 20 years. In that time dozens of students have come, been a part of the life of our church and community, and had the chance to learn and grow together.  During COVID the Student House residents meet weekly via zoom with the Children, Youth & Young Adult Pastor to share a meal and conversation.

Mulling is a monthly meet-up of young people around 25-40 who bring food and wine to share and discuss an issue of religious, spiritual or theological significance. Past discussions have included the Trinity, Aboriginal spirituality, the arts and faith, and social justice topics.