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Working Together

Working Together is a five level set of documents which is designed to:

  1. inform the whole congregation about the committees that support the ministry and mission of the congregation,
  2. provide council & committees with clear & consistent guidelines about how they function and serve the congregation,
  3. enable individuals in the congregation to discern which area(s) of the congregation's ministry & mission they wish to become involved in.

The Council package is included in the Welcome Pack for new Council members.

The Map provides a snapshot of the committees & roles of the Council.

The Summary provides a clear picture of the key responsibilities of each committee under the headings of Why, Who, When & What.

The Guidelines describes in detail the formation, structure, key responsibilities and tasks of each committee under the same headings.

The Roles describe in detail the ministry and/or mission of each committee in direct response the relevant Value Statement.

The Tasks provide detailed instructions in relation to how specific tasks are carried out.

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