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Our vision is to be a God-center, caring, worshipping and outward looking Christian community.

MISSION - Our mission is the be the body of Christ which:

VALUES - These five concept statements framed the Renewal Process and continue to underpin the ministry & mission of our congregation through the Strategic Plan:

  1. We gather for worship
  2. We welcome all
  3. We care for our congregation
  4. We care for others
  5. We reflect and envisage

The Church Council is responsible for the oversight of the whole of the congregation's life. This work is undertaken with the assistance of ten committees & roles which form two distinct groups - those that do, ie engage with people within and beyond the congregation and those that enable, ie provide support.

This Map provides everyone within the congregation with a 'snapshot' of the committees and roles of the Church Council and the corresponding areas of responsibility.

Committee Map Image

This Summary - is linked to our Strategic Plan (2010-12). It describes each of the committees or areas of responsibility of the Church Council, outlining the way in which they serve the mission & ministry of the congregation.

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