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Formal Uniting Church Membership
The Uniting Church in Australia is currently discussing how it understands church membership and how membership relates to voting in congregational meetings and serving as an elder or on the church council.

While this discussion is taking place in the wider church here at Brunswick we have adopted some local practices. We encourage people who are not baptised or confirmed to consider if they would like to discuss these options with a minister. Baptism is the sacrament by which we are incorporated into the body of Christ.

Secondly, we encourage Uniting Church confirmed members to transfer their membership to Brunswick.

Thirdly, we recognize that for some people formal church membership is not what they are looking for at present and we include them in the life of the community through Welcoming Ceremonies.

Welcoming Ceremony
The Welcoming Ceremony is not in itself a transfer of formal church membership (which the Uniting Church has) but we do encourage those who would like to transfer their membership to the Brunswick congregation to do so. The Welcoming Ceremony would then become the public face of this transfer. We also recognise that for some church membership in this formal sense is not an issue, but people can still name Brunswick as their "spiritual home".

Participating in Decision Making
Here at Brunswick Uniting we also have made a decision that people can vote or serve on the Church Council if they are:

People must be 16 years to vote (but not to attend and speak) at congregational meetings.

Consensus Decision Making
To be inclusive of all who attend our meetings, both the Church Council and Congregation make our decisions using the consensus decision-making model as outlined in the Uniting Church in Australia's Manual for Meetings.

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