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About Our Ministry Team

Our paid ministry team consists of:

Ian Ferguson (Minister of the Word)
Julie Perrin (Children, Youth and Young Adult Co-ordinator)

Julie Perrin


Hello, my name is Julie Perrin. I am the Children's and Youth Coordinator at Brunswick Uniting Church. I have been in this role since 2012 and a part of the church community since 1999. My background is in Arts education, teaching across the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors as well as 6 years as a school chaplain.

I originally trained in teaching Drama and English, later in Theology. I have a strong interest in storytelling and the ways in which we can speak the stories of the Christian faith with imagination and integrity. I love the playfulness that children invite and it is a privilege to work with a large cohort of children and families here.

I think the primary challenge in working with youth and young adults is the ability to recognise the multiple narratives that they have to navigate. It is important to be in conversation with the faith tradition in a way that leaves room for questions, doubt and dialogue. It also matters to be able have these conversations in a community you trust.

Brunswick Uniting Church is an amazing community. The gifts and generosity of folk there never cease to delight me and it is exciting to see the congregation gradually reflecting the diversity of the district.

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