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About Our Congregation

Creativity, Community, Change

We seek to be open. Our inner urban marketplace location means we're constantly open to new people. Our membership is quite fluid. We endeavour to be inclusive – of gender, culture, abilities and ages. The Olive Way drop-in Centre enriches us and people of differing abilities are an integral part of our community. We are profoundly serious about exploring faith, but without any glib certainties. We gather around the flame of small 'l' liberal small 'o' orthodoxy, but our joining ceremony speaks of 'fellow travellers' and our community includes those who are deeply steeped in our heritage and those who are not believers in the traditional sense. We eat and laugh together. There is a culture of mutual service. We seek to be a place of authentic relationships.

Uniting Church is creative. People express their gifts through building, baking, teaching, questioning, writing, envisioning and able administration. We are always exploring new languages for worship. Our rich musical life embraces many styles, thirty musicians rotating on the roster, publishing music and sharing it online. We embrace the visual and performing arts.

Our community is evolving. Our demographic is mostly under 60, with a delightful abundance of children who help us to grow. We would like to provide a better environment for our young people in which to explore faith. We struggle with busyness and competing commitments. We also have the challenges that come with growth: Growth in numbers does not always correlate with commitment. We are considering the nature and scope of the second phase of our Building Renewal Project. The merger which created our current congregation followed by the Building Renewal Project and the restructure of the ministry team required commitment and risk. We have a devolved and co-operative culture of leadership. Our ministry team includes a Youth Pastor, a Mission and Outreach worker and many lay leaders. Most importantly, we try to be open to the challenges in Scripture and the guidance of the Spirit.

Finally, we hope that there is an elusive quality which might be described as a sense of lightness: We love and care for our buildings without being precious about them. We love and care for the liturgy but there is always room for the energetic presence of children as well as the beauty of music; for movement as well as stillness. We love to laugh.

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