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The Worship Committee meets monthly to think, talk and pray about the worship that we offer as a community.

Worship is at the heart or centre of who we are. It is where we do the thing that makes us distinctive. Unlike just another club, we worship God. Worship is often the first point of contact that people have with the church, and therefore worship has an evangelical role. It has been suggested that 'if you get one thing right (as a congregation) make sure you get worship right'. The difficulty with this is of course what is 'right'. Anyway . . .

The committee is aware that Sunday morning worship is the only regular time when the whole community can be together -worship is crucial to our sense of community. It is a time for rediscovering our focus as a community, resting, listening and focussing on God, reorienting ourselves for the week. One worshipper describes worship as her 'anchor and arrow for the week', as it holds her firmly in God and the tradition of the church and also sends her out into the world.

Through worship we are in touch with the liturgical year and seasons of the church calendar. As a committee we aim to provide a structure for people as individuals, and as a community to be in relationship with God. However, the structure is flexible and allows for movement. We keep our traditions but also explore new ways of worship and being in relationship with God.

The worship committee keeps track of the worship calendar, setting dates for special events and taking an active role in preparing worship for the significant liturgical seasons in the Christian year.

It also maintains a strong awareness of our commitment to inclusiveness bot through the way in which people are invited to participate in the leadership of ministry through the roster and on special occasions and in the language which we use.

The significance of the music ministry of our congregation is often commented on and our musicians are strongly supported through the role of the music ministry co-ordinator.

The committee is committed to supporting people of all ages as they seek to offer their gifts and give expression to their faith as they participate in worship. Practical assistance is available in the form of Guidelines and a range of published and website resources.

The worship committee has oversight of the Music Ministry Team and the Tune In Management Committee.

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